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Vision Techniques support Biffa’s DROPs campaign

Posted on 25th Nov, 2016 by Dominic Benabda

VT Record system aids Biffa’s DROPs campaign by capturing thousands of incidents of reckless driving on pavements.

The waste industry is one of the most dangerous in the UK with 30,000 reports of incidents involving motorists driving recklessly on pavements happening every month. And these are just the incidents which are reported about, the total number could be much larger which leads to serious concern for both operators in the waste industry and members of the public.

Vision Techniques have been working closely Biffa to provide them with the systems they need to capture these incidents and keep their drivers safe. The majority of their municipal fleet is fitted with the VT Record system with at least 4 cameras attached to it, allowing operators to see multiple angles of the vehicle and surrounding area.

Biffa handle 10% of household waste collections in the UK and record a staggering 3,000 incidents of reckless driving per month. This has led to the development of the DROPs project. DROPs, driving recklessly on pavements, is aimed at bringing these incidents to light and trying to tackle the issue. The VT Record system allows Biffa to record these incidents and show them to the police, councils and to the public to highlight the issues faced in the waste industry.

VT Record is a mobile video recording solution engineered to prove liability and provide evidence which can lead to thousands of pounds being saved, whilst supporting your drivers and staff. By covering the front, rear and side of vehicles with IP69 waterproof cameras, every angle of the vehicle is recorded to the DVR unit, meaning if any incidents happen around the vehicle the operators have high definition quality evidence as proof.

Andrew Kelly, Sales Manager at Vision Techniques, stated, “The partnership between Vision Techniques and Biffa has been growing stronger over the years and we are proud to be able to support them with the DROPs campaign. It is shocking to see such reckless behaviour by some of the motorists on the road and hope this project makes the waste industry safer for all.”

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