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Vision Techniques spearheads innovative reversing radar system – guaranteed to prevent reversing collisions

Posted on 20th Feb, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

vms-reversing-radarBlackburn–based vehicle safety specialist, Vision Techniques, is pioneering an incredible reversing radar system designed to prevent all types of reversing collisions.

A quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing – and many other reversing accidents cause costly damage to vehicles and equipment.

Through continued development over the last fifteen years, an incredibly effective system has been created to counter this – VMS radar.

VMS warns drivers of potential collisions when reversing. It issues an audible warning and, if ignored by the driver, will apply the brakes automatically preventing a collision occurring.

No other vehicle reversing system can do this as safely as Vision Techniques’ VMS system.

The reversing radar can be fitted to any vehicle working in any industry – because its detection zone is specifically designed to minimise false alarms within the working area of a vehicle.

It is user friendly and simple to operate.

This ingenious system will detect the speed and direction of potential dangers and will only alarm if the object comes towards the rear of the vehicle.

VMS brakes smoothly and efficiently when a danger presents itself – close to the rear of the vehicle.

The auto braking can to be over ridden via a simple key switch that allows the system to operate as a warning only system until the automatic braking need to be re-activated.

There are numerous scenarios where this could be useful – such as working at a quarry face, or in extremely tight areas where the auto braking can be a hindrance.

VMS auto braking system is cost effective in numerous ways – such as significant reductions in vehicle damage, structural damage to buildings, accident investigation costs – and, of course, it improves personnel safety.

While enhancing corporate image and giving a cost benefit from having these systems fitted. This overall saving can easily justify the initial outlay of having VMS Radar fitted to your vehicles.

VMS is manufactured to a very high standard with many systems being transferred to new vehicles after the life of the vehicle has finished.

Andrew Kendal of Vision Techniques said: “There are many hazardous situations where the installation of VMS radar would stop collisions occurring whilst improving the safety in any working environment.”

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