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Vision Techniques launches VT Video Analytics

Blackburn-based Vision Techniques has launched a new state-of-the-art tool that allows vehicle operators to have complete control over their CCTV camera systems.

VT Video Analytics allows vehicle operators to monitor, control and analyse on-board video surveillance, using the latest security technology.

This high quality, intelligent tool is unique because it alerts operators of specific situations, for increased accuracy.

An alert can be triggered when suspicious objects are left on the ground, cameras are covered up, panned away or turned or lights have turned on or off.

Less time needs to be spent monitoring multiple video feeds and quicker response times.

Andy Kelly, of Vision Techniques, said: “It can be difficult to keep track of all your mobile CCTV systems, especially with a large number of cameras that require a lot of manpower.

“VT Video Analytics uses the latest cutting-edge technology to examine your digital video feeds precisely, missing absolutely nothing.”

The system is always watching for you, checking for possible threats, decreasing labour costs and increasing productivity.

With a higher quality of surveillance and immediate notifications, you can monitor the area even if no one is watching, with everything captured on video.

VT Video Analytics can even record the general behaviour of people passing by and differentiate different behaviours.

The tool can be integrated with any other Vision Techniques mobile CCTV products, such as VT Live™.

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