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Vision Techniques launches unique ‘Overview’ system for trucks and buses

Vehicle safety specialist, Vision Techniques has launched a unique 360° camera safety system, designed specifically for trucks and buses.

The new system has been hailed by experts as the most comprehensive ‘overview’ any driver can have for the safe manoeuvring of their vehicle.

By providing both a clear view to drivers and warning them of potential dangers, Overview is perfect for vehicles operating in built up areas –including high street delivery, operating in congested traffic or on bus routes when lane changes and turning is necessary.

Four cameras, mounted around the vehicle, give the driver a total overview all around the vehicle.

Overview is designed for slow speed manoeuvring in any direction, employing alarms for each side camera to warn the driver if a car, cyclist or pedestrian enters the danger blind spot on either side of the vehicle.

Andy Kelly, of Vision Techniques, said: “Overview is guaranteed to prevent side-on collisions and allows drivers feel safer and more aware of their surroundings. It is the perfect safety system for truck and bus manoeuvring.

“With Overview, you will have a complete view of the exterior of your vehicle and be warned of any oncoming dangers.

“Overview utilises the very latest technology to maximise safety for vehicle operators, ensuring a clear view and preventing potential accidents and incidents.”

Vision Techniques is constantly working to develop new, innovative vehicle safety products.

As a consequence, millions of lives have been entrusted to the care of Vision Techniques.

From workers in hostile and hazardous environments to small children crossing the road, Vision Techniques has played a vital role in their protection as a prominent distributor of technology-based safety equipment throughout the UK.

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