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Vehicle safety experts at Vision Techniques warn cash-in-transit operators to be vigilant – following a local robbery

Posted on 4th Nov, 2010 by Jonathan Peach

A violent cash-in-transit van robbery in Lancashire has led to the imprisonment of five criminals.

In December 2008, a cash-in-transit driver was shot when making a delivery in Blackburn.

At gunpoint, he gave the two robbers his cash box. But, when unable to give them access to the van, he was shot.

The driver was rushed to hospital and recovered some months later.

This shocking ordeal illustrates the importance of security and safety. It’s essential to avoid disasters.

There are a number of incidents which could lead to disaster.

Goods could be stolen by staff or outsiders and criminals could chase the van without the driver knowing. In addition, the risk of collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians is heightened because of blind spots.

So it’s blindingly obvious that vehicle security is vital. A sure way to be fully aware is complete visibility – from inside the vehicle and back at base.

Vehicle safety and security specialist, Vision Techniques, can provide this safety.

Using a combination of reversing cameras, GPS Tracking, Vehicle Radar, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), auto braking systems and RFID technology, Vision Techniques can dramatically improve vehicle efficiency, safety and security.

The system acts as a live in-vehicle mobile CCTV – with many features such as a Video Gateway with remote connectivity, GPS fleet tracking systems, a real-time system health check and two-way push-to-talk audio.

This means companies can be fully aware of criminals – with mangers able to see exactly what’s happening in every vehicle – as well as having fewer accidents.

By working with companies to understand their safety and security concerns, Vision Techniques pioneers the latest solutions.

Vision Techniques is a leading supplier of the latest security and safety equipment for all types of vehicles – including vans, lorries, trucks, forklifts and HGVs – throughout the country.

It supplies to hundreds of local authorities – as well as waste disposal vehicle manufacturers and vehicle body-builders.