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Vision Techniques launches revolutionary Mobile CCTV Pointer System

Posted on 3rd Aug, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Vision Techniques is launching a ground braking mobile CCTV recording camera system, proven to prevent false claims and guarantees an improvement in driver performance.

By providing a video record of any accidents or incidents that may have taken place, the new forward-facing ‘Pointer System’ saves you money by preventing false and fraudulent claims.

The innovative system also saves you money by monitoring a driver’s performance, increasing efficiency and safety.

Without the Pointer System, an accident investigation can be very difficult to conduct.

But with the cost-effective mobile CCTV system constantly monitoring the driver’s journey, it is easy to discover the cause of an accident.

Using the latest technology, the system monitors all forces acting on the vehicle during a collision. The footage will then be saved for later use.

In addition, the system allows you to assess if the driver is performing economically and driving safely.

The mobile CCTV system will ‘score’ the acceleration and braking of a vehicle in order to rate the driving performance.

By detecting numerous harsh braking and acceleration events, it will identify drivers who need training.

An optional second camera can be mounted to monitor passengers or the near side, on larger vehicles, where collisions commonly occur.

Andrew Kendal, of Vision Techniques, said: “Investing in the Pointer System will save you money and improve safety within your company.

“With its innovative built-in features, the system is ideal for large fleet users who carry out training on a regular basis. It is an excellent tool for monitoring a drivers performance – with the accident recording facility as a secondary function.”

The mobile CCTV can be hard wired into the ignition or easily plugged in via a cigarette lighter socket adaptor.

The Pointer System is suitable for any vehicle from quarry trucks to road cars.

Price start from just £200 – with no added costs for tracking data.

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