Vision Techniques

Vision Techniques launches complete vehicle safety package – the new crew safe range

Lancashire vehicle safety specialist, Vision Techniques, has launched a full vehicle safety and security package designed to eliminate accidents and increase security.

The crew safe range incorporates a variety of Vision Techniques’ innovative safety equipment including reversing cameras, video recorders, vehicle management, radars and auto braking.

The crew safe range includes Banksman Radar and Auto Braking, VT-Live, Zone Safe II, Forward and Rear Light Boards and Traffic Alert.

These products, which are already used by several major companies and local councils, have come together to produce a system that will make vehicles safer, more secure and easier to use.

Andrew Kendal of Vision Techniques said: “We now offer the complete package. Any company that cares about vehicle safety would do well to consider the crew safe range because there are so many benefits.”

ZoneSafe II is a multifunctional device that will control everything from who operates the vehicle to the level of fuel used. While Banksman Radar and Auto Braking will warn the driver of obstacles while reversing and brake if necessary.

The innovative forward facing lightboards are positioned discreetly behind the windscreen of the vehicle’s cab.

And with GPS equipped digital video recorders (DVR) VT ‘Live’ gives operators the chance to review incidents immediately – because the vehicle operator can simply press an ‘alert button’, which sends an e-mail or text message back to base.

The incredible vehicle safety system acts as a live in-vehicle digital video recorder – with many features such as a Video Gateway with remote connectivity, GPS fleet tracking system, two-way push-to-talk audio and even a real-time system health check.

The crew safe range also includes the new ‘Traffic Alert’ – a forward facing radar.

This innovative system detects the presence of oncoming traffic and alerts the crew at the rear about any unsighted oncoming traffic which can present a danger to crew crossing from the rear of the vehicles.

Reversing cameras are fitted throughout the vehicle to ensure a complete view of both inside and out the vehicle.

Vehicle operators will be completely aware of potential problems – and both base and vehicle operators are able to communicate easily.

Vision Techniques supplies products, such as reversing cameras, to local authorities – as well as private companies such as waste disposal vehicle manufacturers and vehicle body-builders.