Vision Techniques

Vision Techniques exhibiting award-winning products at CTS show

Vision Techniques is showcasing its award-winning range of vehicle safety products at the Collet Transport Show.

The show, which takes place July 6 until July 7 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, will include Vision Techniques’ vehicle safety and security specialists offering expert advice on preventing collisions and increasing efficiency.

On display will be the award-winning crew range, an extremely innovative vehicle solution designed to tackle on-site health and safety issues.

Michael Hanson, of Vision Techniques, said: “The Crew Safe Range, which recently won an award for Health and safety innovation, is a fantastic and flexible solution, offering the ultimate in protection – for crew assets and the public.”

The range includes the innovative VT-Live, the ground-breaking Banksman Auto Braking and the amazing Zone Safe II, as well traffic alerts and light boards.

The aim of the CTS show is for visitors to come away with new knowledge and information.

Experts at Vision Techniques will give a 15-minute presentation on these incredible products.

Visit the main home page for information on reversing camera systems and a whole range of vehicle safety products.