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Vision Techniques Demo 360° ‘Virtual Cycling’ at RWM

Posted on 2nd Sep, 2015 by Michael Cain

Vehicle safety experts Vision Techniques will be bringing a real-life cycling and driving experience to visitors at RWM using 360° virtual reality headsets.

The Blackburn based safety innovators installed 360° mounted cameras onto a cyclists bike and to the headrest mount of a drivers vehicle to simulate what both the driver and the cyclist see when either cycling on busy roads or attempting to look for hazards when turning left.

As part of the experience while watching the 360° footage the viewer will be shown the difference between being a cyclist with and without cyclist safety systems. Whilst watching as the cyclist, viewers will see how VT TurnAlarm – which warns cyclists that a vehicle is turning left, can make turning safer at busy junctions, and also how brand new video analytics systems can make manoeuvring safer for drivers – using VT TurnAware to detect any approaching cyclists.

VT TurnAware and VT TurnAlarm are both part of the Vision Techniques’ range of cyclist safety systems designed to prevent left-hand turning accidents and improve cyclist awareness whilst driving on busy UK roads. The high intensity alarm, illuminated sign and cyclist detection systems will also be installed and demonstrated at the show so visitors can see the systems working live.

This years’ event also sees the launch of VT BrakeSafe, a failsafe handbrake system that automatically applies the brake if a driver forgets when leaving the vehicle, a brand new system developed specifically for the municipal industry.

If you’d like to find out more about cyclist safety systems or failsafe handbrake systems email at or call 01254 679717