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Vehicle security system that could fight terrorism

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Posted on 30th Aug, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

A system that could fight the new age of terrorism by preventing access to vehicles, stopping future attacks with stolen vehicles.

In the past couple of years, the world has seen many cases of stolen vehicles being used as deadly weapons in terrorist attacks.

One of these style events happened in Stockholm, Sweden, on Friday 7th April 2017. A stolen beer truck drove into pedestrians on one of the key high streets in Stockholm, ramming into a department store and causing unthinkable damage.

The attack killed four people and wounded 15 others. It caused shoppers to run and flee the area in panic, screaming from the events they had witnessed.

The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven retaliated against this attack saying, “The aim of terrorism is to undermine democracy. But such a goal will never be achieved in Sweden.”

The stolen vehicle travelled for more than 500 yards along Drottninggatan, a main pedestrian street, before smashing into a crowd outside the Ahlens department store. The vehicle stopped at the entrance to the building, blocking people from getting out.

This is the style of event that our VT IDent vehicle security system would have been able to prevent.

The IDent system provides vehicle control through the use of RFID tags which, when presented, gives the personnel access to a specific section of the vehicle such as access to the vehicles hand braking and engine system.

The control system can allow or deny access to these elements of the vehicle giving you more security – If someone attempts to steal the vehicle without a tag, the brakes will not release and engine will stop, reducing the risk of theft.

When a driver presents their IDent tag to the reader box (see above) they are given full access to the handbraking and ignition system until the vehicle door is opened.

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