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Vehicle safety technology vs. direct vision: The debate

Vehicle safety technology vs direct vision The debate

Posted on 29th Jul, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Over recent years, the uptake of safety technology has been growing. With standard freight vehicle safety features, like mirrors, failing to help operators drive their best on the road, many have turned to more comprehensive vehicle safety technology. At Vision Techniques, we offer a wide range of road safety solutions that regular vehicles just can’t offer themselves; from cameras to remove blind spots to reversing cameras to provide 360-degree coverage. But is technology better than using eye contact and direct vision alone?

New vehicle safety study commissioned by TfL

Vehicle safety study

After much discussion on the topic of technology vs. direct vision, TfL has decided to look into the matter. They are hoping to explore this exact topic through research commissioned with Arup, in partnership with the University of Leeds.

The aim of the research is to better understand the role of eye contact and vision through windows, over indirect vision – for example, through vehicle safety technology displays. The team want to assess which of the two is better for ensuring road safety and reducing collisions.

About the project, Hannah White, Freight and Fleet Project Manager at TfL said:

“The project aims to determine the effect of visual factors on HGV safety interacting with vulnerable road users.

“It will provide clarity around whether more direct vision in HGV cabs would result in safer driving and fewer people being killed and injured on London’s roads.”


The case for safety technology in vehicles

safety technology in vehicles

While there is an argument that technology fills a gap that needs to be solved by direct vision, at present, technology still comes out on top. Even though vehicle safety technology can add a degree of complexity to a driver’s operating environment, we do make sure our technology is as simple to see and understand as possible. Furthermore, glancing at a camera inside your vehicle is no more distracting than glancing at a mirror – which is often placed even further away from your direct line of vision.

turnalarm truck turning alarm system

When it comes to vulnerable road users, vehicle safety technology is the only assurance we have right now. With product ranges like VT TurnSafe, cyclists are adequately protected and collisions much less likely to happen. Using features like TurnCamera, which captures anything in your blind spot, these products allow drivers to see down the entire length of the vehicle – something that eyesight alone and mirrors don’t provide.
Other products, including our reversing cameras, also include features like 360-degree fluid angling for full coverage. This helps eliminates blind spots and makes it easier for drivers to spot and assess possible hazards.

turnsign truck cyclist detection

For more information on any of our vehicle safety products, give the team a call today on 08455 641 236.
You might also like to take a look at our new BrakeSafe product, a handbrake failsafe system. Recently crowned a winner at the Motor Transport Awards, it’s an ideal safety add-on to all vehicles in the freight industry.

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