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Vehicle safety technology safeguarding against incidents

Vehicle safety technology safeguarding against incidents

Posted on 26th Sep, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

A road accident can be life changing. If you operate a vehicle for a job, it can affect future job prospects. It can also impact your health and safety, license points and lead to hefty fines. The risk of accidents can be decreased, however, with the use of vehicle safety technology. With cameras offering an extra set of eyes and other safety systems alerting other road users, it’s easy to improve your driving and road safety.

The implications of road accidents

Personal injury

A collision with another vehicle or object can be fatal – no matter what size of vehicle you’re driving. At the very least you might walk away with whiplash – but the impact of a crash could be a lot worse.

Long-term anxiety and stress

Research has shown that the impact of a road accident is long lasting. In a study by British researchers, it was found that at least one-third of people involved in non-fatal car accidents suffered from post-accident mental disorders. Post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and phobias were just a few of the mental disorders listed in the study. Furthermore, these were apparent for up to a year after the accident.

Points on your license

If you’re in an accident and convicted of a motoring offence, it will affect your driving record. The black mark won’t just last a matter of months either. Endorsements stay on your driving record for up to 11 years – depending on the offence.

Loss of license

In the worse case scenario, you might lose your license. This will occur when you’ve built up 12 or more points on your license within a period of three years.

Loss of job

Whether it’s due to poor driving behaviour, loss of license, or long-term injury; a road accident can lead to the loss of your job.

Hefty legal fines

Depending on the incident, there is a risk of being taken to court. Your total fine will depend on the seriousness of the offence, any mitigating circumstances and previous convictions.

How vehicle safety technology can help

VT stopsafe

Vehicle safety technology can help prevent accidents and save lives. Warning and emergency braking systems, like VT StopSafe and VT BrakeSafe, result in 28% less rear-end collisions. Blind spot monitoring solutions, like VT Banksman and VT Vehicle Cameras, can dramatically improve visibility and reduce accidents – and result in 8% fewer accidents when changing lanes on motorways. Then there are whole suites of technologies, like the VT TurnSafe range – designed for cyclist safety. Featuring technology to alert both the driver and cyclist, VT TurnSafe offers a comprehensive and rounded safety solution to help prevent crashes and save cyclists’ lives.

To avoid being blamed for an accident that isn’t your fault, invest in our VT CrashCAM technology. The dashboard camera records all incidents as they happen and can provide proof against claims or ‘crash for cash’ schemes.

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