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Vehicle safety specialist, Vision Techniques, releases online ‘VMS’ video

Posted on 11th Feb, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

Blackburn-based Vision Techniques has released a video which promotes the effectively of one of its most innovative vehicle safety products.

Large heavy vehicles, and equipment on-site, can be extremely hazardous.

Vision Techniques’ VMS reversing radar has a variety of functions that work to prevent vehicle reversing accidents in various situations.

The reversing radar system monitors the speed of an approaching object. It will not alarm if the closing speed is insufficient in the outer detection zones to present immediate danger – thus minimising unnecessary alarming. Any detection within the final zone would activate the alarm immediately.

Vision Techniques’ demonstration video uses a combination of on-site filming and 3D animation to show how effective ‘VMS Reversing Radar’ is. A voiceover actor was also hired to narrate the short film about vehicle safety.

The process involved storyboarding, design concepts and script writing. It was essential to demonstrate that the product was a necessity for vehicle safety.

Vision Techniques’ marketing manager said: “In the battle for attention online, creativity, in terms of design, message, delivery and execution, pays big dividends.

“Online audiences thrives on the new, the innovative and the ´inspired´.”

Video content can help companies stand out from other websites and offer a new level of interactivity – particularly when demonstrating reversing technology.

They present an opportunity to act on people’s emotions both visually and audibly, with a voice, sound effect and music.

Vision Techniques intends to create more such videos to demonstrate reversing camera systems.

Vision Techniques supplies vehicle safety and security equipment to councils and organisations.

With a comprehensive range of products such as reversing cameras, vehicle DVR and GPS fleet tracking systems, the company specialises in vehicle safety and security – forklift, van, truck, HGV and refuse collection vehicles.

Vision Techniques says that reversing cameras and reversing camera systems are an essential to vehicle security and safety.

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