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Vehicle Camera System Saves Over £6000 For Hampshire Firm

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Posted on 8th Jun, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

At Vision Techniques, we’re firm believers in the power of vehicle monitoring systems to protect fleet owners and operators from litigation. This point has been comprehensively demonstrated in a recent event to hit the news, in which a roadside assistance firm found one of their drivers involved in a dual-carriageway collision. In this case, the on-board recording equipment captured the incident in its entirety, conclusively proving the driver was not at fault and saving the company thousands of pounds in repair and legal costs.

The Full Details Of The Incident

A recovery vehicle owned by Hampshire-based roadside assistance firm was involved in a major collision with a motorhome as it approached a roundabout in Frimley, in Surrey. Following the crash, the driver of the motorhome submitted a claim that asserted the driver of the recovery vehicle was at fault, having jumped a red light.

vehicle collision

However, footage from the recovery vehicle’s dashboard camera clearly showed that both vehicles approached the roundabout from the same angle, voiding this specific detail of the claim. Instead, the footage showed the motorhome attempting to switch lanes without due care and attention; cutting in front of the recovery vehicle abruptly, which resulted in a collision severe enough to pop the bonnet of the recovery vehicle, and caving in a section of the motorhome’s rear.

During the following legal processes, the roadside assistance firm submitted indisputable video evidence that supported their driver’s version of events. An official from the firm stated that the cost of the damage to the recovery vehicle totalled more than £6000, which meant that the eventual cost of the claim could have reached in excess of £15,000, had they not been able to refute it.

Protect Your Assets With 360-Degree Visibility

How has vehicle recording technology advanced?

It’s just one more example that demonstrates the value of vehicle cameras. It’s often the case that in the event of collisions, it’s one driver’s word against the other’s. Systems like VT Record provide concrete legal evidence in the event of such collisions. Using this system, Vision Techniques can provide your HGV with 360-degree visibility in the form of several cameras that cover the front, rear and sides of your vehicle.

The cameras used by VT Record are water resistant up to IP69, providing the very highest level of protection against dust and water. This means that as an operator, you don’t have to worry about these cameras being affected or rendered inoperable by adverse weather conditions, allowing you to protect your assets and business, as well as lowering your insurance claims.

At Vision Techniques, we’re firmly committed to your safety. We have a broad range of products all precisely engineered to guarantee the safety and security of all road users alike. You can browse our full range of products by clicking here, or for further reading you can read our blog on how our flagship StopSafe and Brakesafe products protect your drivers.

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