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Van security and safety in the winter

As the weather gets colder, most van operators will have to prepare themselves to drive in icy and snowy icy conditions.

During poor weather conditions, experts say van operators should avoid driving all together for maximum security and safety.

But this may not be an option if you are a professional van operator who is obliged to venture out onto the roads to work.

If you must drive in these conditions, prepare your van and ensure you understand how to handle the harsh road conditions.

Reversing your van in these conditions is even more difficult than driving forwards, even if you have a reversing camera system or reversing sensors.

Here are some basic van security and safety tips to help drivers in the snow.

Van security and safety – before you set off

– Ensure your tyres, including pressure and tread depth. Tyres with low-pressure leads to blowouts while high pressure can mean a lack of control. 3mm or less of tread will significantly reduce your control of the van.

– De-ice all your van’s windows to ensure full visibility.

– Remove snow from your van roof and bonnet – this is not just for your own safety. This is actually a legal requirement since it can also be dangerous for other drivers

– Check your ignition warning lights. Since modern vans rely on electrics, your handling can be dangerously compromised. This is vital to ensure van security and safety.

– Just in case your van gets stuck in the snow, you need to check your van fuel levels – at least half a tank of fuel.

– All your van lighting systems must be working – this includes head and tail lights, brakes, indicators and hazards, reversing cameras and fog lights.

– Fill your screen wash and check your wipers. If your wipers don’t work properly in winter, you will both trouble seeing and you could, potentially, damage them. In terrible conditions, top it up your screen wash with neat concentrate to keep it from freezing solid.

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