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Upgrade from traditional vehicle DVR to VT Live

A Welsh Council upgraded to Vision Techniques’ cutting-edge VT-Live in order to reduce false claims.

The unrivalled 360⁰ recording CCTV systems, which streams live video footage back to base, was installed into over 50 of its refuse recycling vehicles.

After using the state-of-the-art system for a number of months, the council has noticed the benefits of upgrading.

A spokesman at the Council, said: “VT Live has already been a huge benefit to the council.

“Our old system, a standard multi-camera recording system, was difficult to use. We had to wait for waste recycling vehicles’ to return to base in order to collect the video footage for review. But, with VT-Live, it is so easy to review events in real time and provide evidence against claims made against us.

“VT Live is excellent – and has already successfully helped us save money against a recent claim.”

So must more than an ordinary digital recording or reversing camera system, VT Live means significant savings for organisations, by ensuring zero risk of false claims with clear video evidence – including investigations into accidents and incidents, breaches of health and safety and unsafe working practices or personal injury costs.

With VT-Live, incidents can be reviewed immediately. Should an incident occur, vehicle operators simply press an ‘alert button’, which sends an e-mail or text message straight back to base where operators can review the incident on screen.

In addition, VT Live tracks the exact location of the entire fleet, using its inbuilt GPS Tracking and operators will be completely aware of potential problems with faulty hardware, using the real time system health check.

Experts at Vision Techniques advise councils to consider using VT-Live as their primary vehicle safety and security system.

Andrew Kelly, Manager at Vision Techniques, said: “No wonder the council is seeing a significant difference.

“With VT-Live you don’t have to wait until the vehicle returns to the depot to find out what happened.

“And the many extra features, make it the very best in vehicle safety equipment.”

Another council spokesman said: “We have found VT Live to be a much improved version of our previous system.”

VT ‘Live’ can be used in any type of vehicle across a wide range of industries.

Vision Techniques offers many different types of vehicle safety equipment, including reversing camera systems and ultrasonic sensors.

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