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UK traffic levels at an all time high

UK traffic levels at an all time high

Posted on 15th Feb, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Britain’s roads have never been busier. Of the vehicles on the road, LGVs and HGVs are just two types under scrutiny, with the number of LGVs increasing year-on-year. Of course, this is no surprise considering the boom in online shopping and mail services. With traffic at an all-time high, the risk of accidents on the road have increased too, meaning mindfulness of the vehicle landscape around you, along with proper vehicle safety technology, is key. 

The statistics

On UK roads, a total of 317.8bn miles were travelled during 2015. This reveals a year-on-year rise of 2.2% and is the highest level of vehicles ever recorded on UK roads.

The figures, published in the Department for Transport’s Provisional Road Traffic Estimates, Great Britain: 2015, show that traffic is now 1.1% above the pre-recession peak in 2007.

UK traffic levels at an all time high

Vehicles on today’s roads

Of the 317.8bn miles, 248.6bn miles were travelled by car. That equates to 78% of the total miles and is a 1.7% increase on 2014. 47.7bn miles were made by LGVs (up 6.1%), while 16.2bn miles were covered by HGVs (up 1.1%).

Longer-term trends show LGV traffic is still on the rise, while the number of miles covered by HGVs is actually in decline. Since 2007, LGV traffic has grown by 18.5% while HGV traffic has decreased by 9.7% – even though the study shows it was up slightly from 2014.

Road types and their traffic

While the majority of road types have experienced a rise in traffic levels, urban ‘A’ road traffic has remained at the same level. One of the biggest increases has been on the motorways, where miles travelled are up to 65.8bn miles – that’s up by 2.4% and a new high for the UK.

Traffic and accidents: The correlation

The DFT study also showed an increase in causalities – which is likely to be related to the increase in traffic on the UK’s roads. In the 12-month period ending September 2015, there were 1,780 road deaths, an increase of 3% in comparison to the year ending September 2014. In the same period, 23,700 were killed or seriously injured, a statistic that actually went down from the previous year.

Improving your vehicle safety

With the UK’s busy roads in mind, it’s well worth investing in safety technology to save lives. Of course, saving lives isn’t the only benefit of safety technology; it also ensures peace of mind for both the driver and employer and makes the job less stressful than it would be without safety technology.

UK traffic levels at an all time high

Here are some of the products you might like to consider:

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What are you doing to ensure vehicle safety on the roads? Whether you’ve implemented safety technology into your vehicle or you’re following other measures, we’d love to know. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique