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UK road deaths at record low thanks to safer technology

Britain’s road fatalities are at the lowest since records began in 1926, thanks to safer vehicle technology, the AA has said.

According to new government figures, 1,754 people were killed in road traffic accidents last year – 8% down on the previous year.

AA president Edmund King says the reduction comes thanks to vehicle technology such as braking sensors, crumple zones and airbags, dramatically improving safety for drivers and pedestrians.

In addition, more and more businesses are installing products like vehicle cameras, communication systems, larger vehicles are becoming safer soon.

We can verify that more fleet managers are seeing the benefits of installing some of our products to significantly reduce accidents and costs. This includes everything from simple reversing cameras and fleet tracking to more advanced systems.

But, in contrast, the number of cyclists killed on the roads rose from 107 in 2011 to 118 last year, with serious injuries rising to 3,222 – a 10% rise.

Organisations such as Road charity Brake and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) have voiced concerns about this.

Kevin Clinton, Head of Road Safety at RoSPA, said: “The good news of a large drop in road deaths in 2012 is marred by an increase in cyclist deaths, which occurred despite the poor weather in the main cycling seasons of spring and summer, which probably meant fewer cyclists were on the road.

“We need to redouble our efforts to make sure that cyclist deaths and injuries are reduced as the popularity of cycling increases.”

Similarly, at Vision Techniques, we welcome the news that the number of deaths has dropped, but the cyclist issue needs to be addressed.

If you are worried about one of your fleets accidently hitting a cyclist in busy, built up areas, why not invest in one of our cycle safety products?

VT Side Alert™ / VT Overview™ will make sure cyclists aware of your presence by emitting a warning if a car, cyclist or pedestrian enters a danger blind spot. You’ll also have a much clearer view around your vehicle.