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The UK is Europe’s most congested country

the uk is europes most congested country

Posted on 19th Dec, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

A new report suggests that Britain has the highest traffic hotspot count in Europe. This not only impacts productivity and journey times, it also impacts the safety of Britain’s roads. As a rule, more traffic means a higher risk of accidents as traffic becomes more concentrated and concentration levels slip. However, with vehicle safety technology, you can minimise the risks and improve the safe operation of any vehicle.

The latest findings

traffic lights on red

Inrix, the data company behind the study, say that there were 20,300 traffic hotspots in UK cities. They identified a hotspot as a spot where congestion forces drivers to reduce their speed by 65% for a period of at least two minutes. While shocking, this statistic will come as no surprise to many. Huge numbers of us are delayed on our daily commute with conditions appearing to worsen over recent years. In fact, average journey times are now approximately 29% longer than they were in free-flowing conditions in 2015.

The UK’s total number of hotspots was almost 12,000 more than the second congested country in Europe – Germany. Furthermore, our 20,300 traffic hotspots amounted to more than the following seven European countries combined.

As expected, the worst offending city for hotspots was London. It had more traffic hotspots than any other major city and an impact factor of 28 times more. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Transport for London is doing so much to try and improve London’s roads and its congestion problem. In fact, just recently, the Department for Transport secretary pledged to spend £1.3 billion to relieve congestion on Britain’s roads.

Ways to stay safe on Britain’s congested roads

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Congestion is a problem that’s likely here to stay – especially in the short term. This means improved behaviours are required by today’s road users to maintain health and safety on our roads.

Due to the stop / start nature of traffic, more concentration is required – especially when it comes to cyclist safety. If you’re the operator of a large vehicle, we recommend the technologies in our VT TurnSafe range. The range features a cyclist detection system, audible alarm, visible warning sign and more.

In busy city centres, braking technologies, like VT StopSafe and VT BrakeSafe are also crucial. A braking accident in busy, congested town centres could cause a huge number of fatalities that could have been easily prevented with our technologies.

We also recommend our VT Cameras, designed to give you better coverage of the roads. It’s easy to lose concentration when in traffic or to miss activity at the side of your vehicle. Safety cameras like those developed at Vision Techniques help to keep drivers and other roads users safe.

Don’t forget we offer lots of useful vehicle accessories in our store too. From mirrors to wheel nuts and alarms – there are plenty of affordable products you can use to enhance the safety of your vehicle.

What measures have you put in place to improve your vehicle’s safety? Let us know over on Twitter @VisionTechnique