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TurnSafe system can help save cyclist lives

The continued growth of cycling in London has led to an upsetting rise in fatalities involving large vehicles, often caused by blind spots when turning. Many companies are turning to technology such as our Turn safe system to help save cyclist lives.

As one of the largest distributors of camera and sensor equipment in the UK, we have been educating our clients and demonstrating how ultrasonic sensor technology can help save the lives of cyclists and pedestrians.

Sensors are placed around the sides of the vehicle, and when a cyclist or pedestrian enters the range of the ultrasonic sensor, a visual and audible warning will alert the driver, as well as another audible or visual system on the exterior of the vehicle warning the cyclist or pedestrian.

“Our TurnSafe system locates cyclists and pedestrians and highlights any danger before it’s too late. This relatively simple technology can stop unnecessary deaths and make UK roads a safer place.” Vision Techniques owner Michael Hanson explained.

Although local authorities are considering banning larger vehicles during rush-hour and altering road layouts, technology like the TurnSafe system can be used to help prevent unnecessary accidents and save cyclist lives.

Our TurnSafe range of devices is tailored to each customer, with some of our previous clients choosing systems which include rear cameras to monitor blind spots, while others have concentrated on visual warnings when the left indicator is active.

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