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Truck safety needs to be taken seriously

Truck safety and driver security, are two of the most important health issues on the road today.

Around 1.2 million people die every year in road accidents worldwide. The World Health Organisation says traffic is one of the fastest-growing human health risks.

However, authorities, politicians and vehicle manufacturers are taking steps regarding truck safety.

With a general recognition that something must be done to prevent accidents, a call for truck safety, and road safety in general, has been heard. But companies need to work in collaboration to achieve this – and various companies must work to ensure vehicle and truck safety measures are being taken.

As well as installing the latest truck safety methods, they must take their knowledge and experience and put them into their truck safety work – including public roads, test tracks, in research laboratories, in joint partnership organisations and in the media/political sphere.

These measures all go towards an increase in truck safety worldwide.