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Tough measures ahead for young drivers

Posted on 20th Mar, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

young-driversMajor restrictions on young drivers are being proposed by insurers in an attempt to reduce incidents on Britain’s roads.

The scheme, proposed by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), recommends harsh measures for under 24-year-olds including a driving curfew between 11pm and 4am and a ban on carrying extra passengers for the first six months after passing their tests.

The insurance group also wants a minimum one-year learning period and a reduction in the alcohol limit.

With 18-year olds more than three times more likely to crash than their parents, motor insurance premiums can easily cost a young driver £3,000 to £10,000, more than the cost of their actual car.

But, according to insurers, young drivers can lower their insurance premium by installing in-car cameras which monitor driver behaviour, such as the Vision Techniques Driving Event Recorder.

Acting as a ‘black box’ fitted in the car, the Driving Event Recorder provides video records of any incidents that may have taken place, preventing false and fraudulent claims.

It also measures speed, braking and journey times.

Transport secretary Justine Greening recently called for car insurance bills to be cut to help ease Britain’s youth unemployment.

Pippa Hinchcliffe, of Vision Techniques, said: “The Driving Event Recorder is perfect for performance monitoring, recording accidents and reducing insurance premiums.”