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Our top reasons to consider reversing cameras

Our top reasons to consider reversing cameras

Posted on 24th Oct, 2016 by Dominic Benabda

A reversing camera is perhaps one of the best investments you can make as a vehicle operator. It helps to improve your safety and other’s safety – as well as protecting your car from crash-related damage. You don’t have to buy a new vehicle with an in-built reversing aid either. At Vision Techniques, we have a whole range of vehicle cameras, designed to make driving safer and easier.

Six benefits of reversing cameras

An extra pair of eyes

In some situations, it’s helpful to have an extra pair of eyes. For example, if you’re reversing towards a loading bay or there’s a risk of pedestrians or cyclists appearing in your blind spot when turning right. This is especially true for operators of large vehicles like trucks, HGVs and lorries. Our reversing cameras can provide that extra assurance, looking out for danger in situations where it may arise.

Improving all-round vision

Wing mirrors are helpful in improving a driver’s field of vision but often not good enough. With a reversing camera, you can have a much wider field of vision. Furthermore, the picture is clear too – unlike the distorted picture you often get when relying on mirrors.

Protection for your vehicle

While saving lives will always be the number one priority, a reversing camera also prevents your vehicle from getting serious damage. A reversing camera not only highlights people; it highlights objects too and can be a great asset when manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Furthermore, reversing radar systems like VT Banksman offer additional features to prevent collisions. There’s the VT Banksman Auto-Braking Radar, designed to automatically apply the brakes when audible and visual warnings are ignored, and specialist pieces of kit like VT SensorVision Drive, developed for tippers and vehicles with low visibility.

Legal evidence

At Vision Techniques, you’ll find top-of-the-range reversing cameras. Our vehicle recording cameras not only alert you to danger, they’ll capture every moment too. This evidence is a must in any legal case and can also help with insurance claims too.

Minimising expense

Should you have a reversing accident and damage your vehicle, there will be an associated cost to pay. Dealing with accident-related expenses can be a pain and easily prevented with in-vehicle cameras.


Good quality reversing cameras, like those you’ll find at Vision Techniques, come with a whole range of fantastic features. It’s these features that make the cameras versatile too. At Vision Techniques, you’ll find cameras designed for night time driving, like the VT56, and others best suited to bad weather conditions, like the VT3000 – which features shutter wipers.

If you’ve already got a vehicle reversing cameras, why not explore our other cutting edge technologies? VT Brakesafe, our award-winning handbrake failsafe system prevents vehicle runaways and offers peace of mind for drivers of large vehicles. To find out more, head to the brakesafe product page.

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