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Top-notch award nomination for Vision Techniques!

CIWM Awards nomination

Posted on 9th Oct, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

It’s another year and another award nomination for us here at Vision Techniques. Again, we’ve been shortlisted for the coveted CIWM Award for Vehicle, Plant and Equipment Product of the Year – an award we won back in 2012.

The CIWM Awards – Vehicle, Plant and Equipment Category

The CIWM Awards take place in London, in just a couple of weeks, on the 6th November 2014. The awards are all about recognising, acknowledging and celebrating the achievements, innovation and contribution of companies, local authorities, professionals and academics in the UK Sustainability and Resource industry.

Entrants can be from any aspects of the industry, including waste and resource management, sustainability, recycling and energy recovery – so the team here at Vision Techniques fit the bill perfectly.

Our award category judges us on the innovative design and manufacturing aspects of vehicles relating to waste management and/or resource recovery assessing elements of health and safety, technology and the sustainability of material used in production. The particular Vision Techniques product being judged on this occasion is VT Ident. Our entry will be judged by the most senior experts in the sector, making any win even more satisfying! These awards in particular really do represent the highest level of achievement we could hope for at Vision Techniques.

So what is VT Ident?

VT Ident is a product we designed to control aspects of a vehicle’s operation and prevent unauthorised people from using potentially dangerous systems. The key technology behind VT Ident’s success is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

A tag reader is fitted to the driver’s cab, and other readers to the outside of the vehicle near any potentially hazardous equipment. Drivers and other operatives access the vehicle through the use of their own tag. Each driver’s tag is different and uniquely coded, identifying the operating permissions they have and allowing managers to tailor access, according to the role and training of each staff member. This prevents untrained operators from putting themselves and others at risk of injury. For example, an operative who was not employed to drive the vehicle wouldn’t be able to access the driver’s permissions but would be able to use other systems as appropriate. In turn, this allows the vehicle to be left unattended without worry about the risk of unauthorised operation or theft.

How will VT Ident be judged?

Ident will be judged on:

• How it is fit for purpose
• How it has made the best use of new or innovative technology
• How it has demonstrated sustainability in the use of matierals involved in product
• How is the production process of VT Ident is sustainable – and what provision has been made for end of life recovery

We’ll update you on the results once the awards have taken place!

Why not explore VT Ident to see what it can offer you? You can also take a look at our winning product from 2012 here, the cutting-edge VT Overview.

What are your favourite features of VT Ident? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique.