Vision Techniques

Top 10 reasons why you should have a Crashcam (‘Cash For Crash’ Accident Recorder)

Are you worried about people claiming against you in crashes that aren’t your fault?

Well, there’s a cost effective mobile DVR which will take care of this little problem for you, as well as solving many other driving headaches.

Here are our 10 Reasons why you should get a Vision Techniques Crashcam  (‘Cash For Crash’ Accident Recorder):

1. Prove who is at fault in an accident: Unfortunately, there are accidents where the driver who is at fault will lie in order to avoid increased insurance premiums. Establish who’s at fault in an accident with the Crashcam. With the Crashcam installed in your vehicle – who caused the accident is not in dispute because the camera never lies.

2. Drivers see your camera and think twice: The Mobile DVR alone can help any user avoid potentially dangerous confrontations and accidents. Your in-car camera will be clearly visible to other drivers. If another road user was thinking of overtaking you in the incorrect lane, they will think again after seeing your Crashcam mobile DVR system.

3. Protect yourself during a road rage situation:  Someone cut in front of you. They bleeped their horn. You bleeped back. They gesticulated and now you’re stuck with a lunatic lashing out at you. A driver using a Crashcam camera can capture footage or simply point at the camera to inform the other driver that they are being recorded and that footage will be sent to the police.

4. Keep an eye on your kids’ activity: Crashcam allows parents to keep an eye out on their kids’ every time they drive. As long as a new young driver uses the camera to record all their journeys, there’s no need to worry about handing over the keys to your car.

5. Protect your Insurance costs: All insurers attempt to claim back money they have had to pay out by increasing the costs of those who make a claim. Recorded footage will allow insurers to make the correct decision based on the video provided.

6. Boost your confidence: Ooze confidence whilst driving with Crashcam. Other drivers will drive carefully within your vicinity and knowing they are being recorded if they are causing you problems is a confidence booster for timid drivers.

7. Vehicle protection within the freight industry:  Lorry drivers can record accidents and incidents with the Crashcam system. HGV drivers are often targeted with bad press owing to the varying conditions they face on the roads, such as turning issues, driver impatience and increased stopping distance. Crashcam offers protection from drivers making false accusations.

8. Low premiums: By simply installing Crashcam, you can reduce your insurance costs significantly so you easily get back the money you paid for the camera.

9. Record your journeys: Road trips and holidays can be conserved forever with the Crashcam. Record your journey whilst driving around on holiday to provide you with long lasting memories.

10. Monitor your driving: Monitor your driving behaviour with a Crashcam mobile DVR. Detect harsh braking and acceleration events to identify drivers who need further training.