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The vehicle safety system that nags you

Here at Vision Techniques, we like to keep a close eye on what’s going on in the world of vehicle safety systems.

And in Japan, the Fukuko Institute of Technology has come up with a very inventive way to stop people from driving dangerously.

According to New Scientist, the Institute has teamed up with a heavy goods vehicle maker to create a ‘safe driving promotion system’ to sense when you’re driving too close to other vehicles.

But it’s the audible warning that’s really interesting. It will actually tell you how severe your injuries would be in a crash.

When it senses a possible crash, it relays a message on the monitor and on the car speakers of just how badly injured you would be if you had an accident at that precise moment.

It uses vehicle cameras, radar, sonar and laser technology, which are found in many Vision Techniques products, to sense distances from other vehicles.

“A sense of danger will be awakened in the driver that makes them voluntarily refrain from dangerous driving,” says the Institute.

The system would also monitor your previous reaction times, such as how quickly you applied the brakes and, using this, it would calculate how quickly you could have stopped in an emergency.

As to how much it would reduce accidents, we’re not sure yet. But we do know that at Vision Techniques, we have a number of other warning systems to help with your vehicle safety requirements.