Vision Techniques

The ultimate vehicle management system – ZoneSafe II

An incredible vehicle management system which improves security, reduces costs and even helps save the environment is being pioneered by vehicle safety specialist Vision Techniques.

The flexible “ZoneSafe II” is the ultimate vehicle management system – offering solutions to hundreds of safety and security issues.

ZoneSafe II is a multifunctional device which controls everything from who operates the vehicle to the level of fuel used.

By only allowing an authorised driver and crew to control all equipment on the vehicle, ZoneSafe II ensures that only qualified operators can operate different sections of the vehicle.

This means that criminals, children and non-qualified employees will not be able to interfere with dangerous equipment.

For example, a bin lift operator on a refuse collector could operate the bin lift but not drive the vehicle. Only an authorised ‘tag holder’ would be able to drive.

ZoneSafe II also saves money on fuel by lowering unnecessary engine use. This reduces wear on vehicle components and reduces Britain’s impact on the environment – through constant data analysis.

The vehicle safety and security management system is the culmination of six years extensive research and development.

Although pioneered by Vision Techniques, the original idea actually came from one of its clients. The customer required a vehicle based safety system to work with the specific requirements of his fleet.

Using Vision Techniques’ expertise, the product quickly became one of the most innovative products in vehicle security and safety.

The vehicle safety and security system boasts a host of innovative features – but is easy to use.

The system uses cutting edge, body worn RFID technology tags to provide a multi-functional, flexible, vehicle control, monitoring and logging solution.

Nigel Armstrong, of Vision Techniques, said: “Endless hazardous situations can be avoided by installing ZoneSafe II. It provides a flexible solution to many vehicle safety and security fleet management issues.

“Utilising state of the art RFID technology, ZoneSafe II has an innovative modular design that satisfies a wide and varying range of applications.”

“Offering many benefits to the operator – including legal compliance, vehicle management, security and safety, financial savings and eco-efficiency – there isn’t a more versatile or cost effective vehicle management system available on the market.”

Vision Techniques is a leading supplier of the latest security and safety equipment for all types of vehicles – including van, lorry, truck, forklift and HGV – throughout the country.

The company supplies vehicle safety solutions including reversing cameras, mobile CCTV and auto braking systems.