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The Key Security Benefits Of Our VT Vehicle IDent

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Posted on 30th Aug, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Safety is our business here at Vision Techniques, and security is a vital part of that. It’s so important to us that we’ve developed our own unique product, Vehicle IDent. (It’s amongst our Vision Techniques’ signature products, along with our range of reversing cameras.) We understand that security is an equally key concern for HGV owners and operators, and that’s exactly the issue that IDent Drivestop aims to tackle. This week on the blog, we’ll be exploring a bit about how it works, and how it can benefit you.

What Is Vision Techniques Vehicle IDent Drivestop?

Essentially, Drivestop is a tag-based safety and security system that uses radio frequency technology to lock down the HGV if it detects potentially unauthorised use. Here’s how it works: unless the right tag is presented, the IDent Drivestop system immobilises the vehicle’s handbrake, preventing the HGV from moving. It’s only when the driver holds the correct tag to the reader box that they’re given complete control over the handbrake and ignition system. Once the vehicle is in use, opening the door will automatically cause Drivestop to lock the handbrake. If an attempt is made to release the handbrake without the tag, Drivestop reacts by cutting off the engine. In this way, every measure is taken to thwart thieves and other undesirable persons at every turn, maximising the HGV’s safety and security.

What’s more, fleet owners and operators can exert an even finer level of control over vehicle access – each tag can be programmed with a specific access level, so not only can you prevent strangers and thieves from commandeering your vehicle, but also cut down on unauthorised internal use, too.

What Are The Benefits Of IDent Drivestop?

At Vision Techniques, we’re happy to report that these are many and varied. Some are perhaps more evident than others – for example, by locking essential systems on the vehicle, it prevents the risk of HGV theft, saving fleet owners the considerable cost and effort of having to replace it. In the same way, it similarly protects the contents of the vehicle, as stolen lorries frequently have their cargo distributed on the black market. On the insurance side of things, it’s not hard to see why the inclusion of VT IDent Drivestop can help fleet owners and operators to significantly lower insurance premiums.

However, in addition to the material concerns it also acts to protect the safety of drivers. The majority of thieves are opportunists, and being confronted with robust security systems will make many attempted thefts brief and unsuccessful, reducing the risk to drivers.

There’s also an even more serious matter in terms of safety; in recent years, there has been a tragic increase in the use of heavy vehicles such as HGVs to perpetrate acts of terror. While the individual chances of any HGV to be used in such an act is minimal, it doesn’t change the fact that RFID systems such as Drivestop serve as an especially effective deterrent in such situations.

If you have any questions about VT IDent Drivestop – or, for that matter, any of our vehicle safety product range – one of our friendly salespeople will be only too happy to help. You can contact us on 08455 643 282. Don’t forget, while you’re here it might be worth checking out our range of reversing cameras. They can be similarly useful from a safety perspective, although while performing a drastically different role.

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