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Study proves reversing camera systems in rear view mirrors prevent more accidents

A new study has suggested that reversing camera displays all be placed in the rear-view mirror, instead of on the dashboard in order to reduce accidents.

A study in the United States, found that those driving a vehicle with a mirror-integrated display reacted twice as fast in potential accident situations compared with those driving vehicles equipped with centre-console displays.

They spent more time using that the rear view reversing camera display and had a higher percentage of productive glances to both the display and mirrors.

The study followed the disclosure that more than 225 individuals are killed and 17,000 injured annually in reversing accidents.

A number of previous studies showed that rear view reversing camera systems reduce reversing accidents.

They also show that mirror-integrated rear reversing camera displays are more effective than those located in the centre console.

The new study supported these findings, and additionally revealed how many significant benefits mirror-integrated displays.

By placing the rear camera display in the mirror, drivers can increase display usage, improve the driver scan patterns, enhance productive gaze durations as well as minimise reaction times.

To keep up with such studies, Vision Techniques has introduced the Mirror Monitor reversing camera system.

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