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SPECIAL OFFER: FORS Members Get Savings On Safety…

In support of the increased safety drive in and around London, Vision Techniques is offering a discount on its range of reversing cameras, cyclist protection systems, 360-degree CCTV system, camera and accident recording equipment to members of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

As a voluntary certification scheme, FORS aims to ensure that fleet operators work within the law, and encourages companies with fleets to set themselves apart from the competition by adhering to the FORS standard of best practice rather than just meeting minimum legal requirements.

Membership to the organisation is completely free and you’ll get access to free, impartial advice and guidance on improving your legal, environmental, social and economic standards.

With an increasing number of cyclists using pedal power to get out and about in our cities, the risks of a collision are a sobering reality. For drivers of HGVs, vans and other fleet vehicles, it can be difficult to spot cyclists as they make their way through traffic. Unlike cars, large vehicles have significant blind spots, which can make it all too easy to perform a manoeuvre that you think is safe, only to find you’ve had a near-miss – or worse – with a cyclist or pedestrian.

In an ideal world, drivers of large vehicles could rely on other road-users to take extra precautions. But, with Britain’s roads becoming busier than ever, it rightly falls to HGV drivers and fleet managers to ensure that their vehicles are as safe as they can possibly be.

Companies with business fleets can protect their staff and road users with VT TurnSafe™, a range of cutting-edge cyclist detection systems. This popular product range includes three intuitive systems to suit every budget, all of which use advanced proximity sensors to help LGV drivers and other road users to avoid collisions:

VT TurnSafe™ (Sensor Only) alerts the driver to the presence of objects and road users in the vehicle’s blind spot, while VT TurnSafe™ (Audible) emits an audible external alarm to warn cyclists and pedestrians when the vehicle is turning left – perfect for cutting through the noise of traffic, and cyclists’ headphones.

VT TurnSafe™ (Audible and Visual) combines these innovative features and sounds an audible warning to alert the driver to any objects alongside the vehicle. A speaking alarm and flashing visual signal ensure that cyclists or pedestrians who are too close to the vehicle are quickly made aware.

Companies can also opt for extra safety with their VT TurnSafe™ by affixing a worded LED light board on the side of the vehicle close to the cab, with the words “Caution: vehicle turning left” positioned at a convenient height in order to attract the attention of cyclists and pedestrians when the vehicle is turning.

To claim your exclusive discount, simply log in to the Members’ area of the FORS website, at Or, for more information on any of our LGV safety products, contact a member of the Vision Techniques team today.