Vision Techniques

Setting Up A Reversing Camera System

Although many reversing camera systems are wireless, the wireless element is only for transmitting the images from the camera to the monitor near the driver. Installation of reversing cameras is reasonably simple for those with a basic understanding of 12V automobile electronics.

The reversing camera system kit consists of the monitor, reversing camera, wiring and wiring connectors.

Once the kit is installed reversing cameras are relatively easy to set up:

1. Turn on the ignition – but don’t start the car

2. Put the handbrake on and put the car in reverse.  Turn on the monitor.

3. Check the monitor matches the real image –  the camera can be put in various positions, so ensure it is correct. For example, the road could appear upside down. Toggle between orientations by pressing the Orientations button. The option are ‘Normal’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Normal Upside Down’ and ‘Mirror Upside Down’. Press the button until the image is correct.

4 Adjust contrast and brightness of the reversing camera system for personal preference and vehicle safety.