Vision Techniques

Save money and prevent false claims with cost effective digital recording systems

Invest in Vision Techniques’ extremely cost effective, easy-to-use SD systems for vans and trucks – digital video recorders, which will save you a huge amount of money.

For an extremely low price you can prevent false claims and monitor driver performance by recording your journey.

With a video record of journeys, you will have proof against fraudulent claims for investigations into accidents and incidents, breaches of health and safety and unsafe working practices or personal injury claims.

Vehicle digital video recorders are vital to ensuring safety and security.

With Vision Techniques SD systems, you can:

– Save money with a video record of any accidents or incidents that may have taken place, preventing false and fraudulent claims.
– Prove, without question, operational incidents that occur ‘on-site’ and ‘out of sight’.
– Possess video evidence against fraudulent claims.
– Assess if the driver is performing economically and driving safely.
– Identify potential hazards and risks and aid in investigations.
– Take appropriate action to avoid incidents and accidents by identifying potential problems.