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Safety products vehicles can’t do without

If you work in a hazardous environment it is essential to ensure adequate safety equipment to prevent accidents and injuries.

Safety is absolutely paramount, especially where large heavy vehicles are involved.

These products are necessary to protect employers and employees from lawsuits and injuries respectively.

Reversing Sensors

By alerting drivers if they get too close to an object, vehicle or a human, reversing sensors are immediately be activated once reverse gear is selected.

Reversing sensors work well because the sudden sound will prevent the driver from getting distracted and hitting the obstacle.

Reversing sensors may also come with a visual aid, when are especially useful manoeuvring around tight spaces.


Not every vehicle is installed with an airbag, although it is becoming increasingly more common.

They are necessary to protect drivers and passengers after a collision. The airbag is deployed after crash sensors are triggered. This secures the position of drivers and passengers during an accident.

Front airbags prevent drivers and passengers from hitting their heads on the dashboard, windscreen or steering wheel.

By adding airbags to the mix, you can secure the passengers in place, with the threat of human damage from a crash effectively eliminated.


Screens can easily fog over in bad weather conditions, preventing a clear view for the driver.

Defoggers are recommended for this reason.


Anti Braking Systems is more expensive than a conventional braking system, but it is vital in ensuring stability and safety. With ABS, manoeuvrability is easy even under hard braking.

For even more effective braking, consider an auto braking system to go with your reversing sensors, airbags, defogger and ABS braking.

For more information about reversing sensors, or any other vehicle safety product, visit the product pages.