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Safety First For Large Vehicles In London, Says Government

With 14 cyclists killed on London’s roads this year – and a shocking six of those in just the last two weeks – road safety in London has been described by many as reaching crisis point.

Nine of the 14 deaths occurred during collisions involving heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) – a worrying statistic for any company that runs a fleet. While some politicians are calling for an outright ban on HGVs entering the city during rush hour, London mayor, Boris Johnson, and Transport minister, Stephen Hammond, have announced the creation of an HGV Task Force in a bid to boost awareness of vehicle safety requirements, and weed out “dangerous operators” and their fleets from London’s roads.

The Government will also be putting pressure on the EU and vehicle manufacturers to improve LGV design in a bid to give drivers increased awareness of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

The Department for Transport also intends to implement changes to exemption laws, which currently allow some LGVs to operate without certain types of safety equipment that is designed to keep cyclists safer in the case of a collision.

Hammond commented:

“[The] announcement of a dedicated Industrial HGV Task Force will target the small minority of operators who are unaware of, or just wilfully non-compliant with, safety regulations for HGVs and their drivers.

“I have also committed to review vehicle regulations to ensure there are no unjustified exemptions from safety standards and, together with the mayor, will press the EU to improve vehicle safety designs as soon as possible.”

The mayor will also ask Londoners whether he should implement a substantial “safer lorry charge” on any LGVs not fitted with basic safety equipment to protect cyclists.

At Vision Techniques, we’re in the business of keeping people safer. We know how risky the roads can be, and when you’ve got a fleet that spends hours on the busiest routes, it’s vital that you protect both your staff and members of the public.

VT Overview™ offers drivers crystal-clear, 360º vision around their vehicle. Developed to enhance safety levels on slow speed vehicles, VT Overview™ uses four cameras and an audible warning to alert the driver to any objects or road users entering the vehicle’s blind spots.

The system gives drivers a high definition image of the area surrounding their vehicles, making it a valuable addition to fleets operating in congested traffic, or on inner city or arterial routes.

We also have the VT Turnsafe™ range – state-of-the-art cyclist detection systems that can alert both drivers and other road users to any potentially risky manoeuvres.

In addition, we supply a range of vehicle side cameras, including our left- and right-side Wedge Cameras which fit on the cab unit and give drivers a full and clear view of any obstacles present in their blind spot. Vehicles can be fitted with one or both of these cameras, depending on their particular danger zones.

Another popular product in our range is our Mirror-mounted Ball Camera, which affixes neatly to the vehicle’s external mirror arm and offers drivers an extended view to the side – ideal for large vehicles that perform slow manoeuvres in busy and built-up areas.

In an age where Corporate Social Responsibility is so much more than a buzzword, running a responsible fleet can make all the difference when it comes to bidding for work and tendering for contracts.

With the public’s eye fixed firmly on HGVs and cyclists, businesses need to know that they’re working with companies that take Health and Safety seriously. Now is the time to safeguard your fleet, protect other road users and boost your CSR agenda with some of Vision Techniques’ pioneering vehicle safety technology.

Contact us today to find out how we can help prepare and protect your fleet.