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Safety Day by Vision Techniques an ‘Overwhelming Success’

Posted on 20th Apr, 2016 by Dominic Benabda

Vehicle safety experts Vision Techniques held their first ever safety day last week, attracting over eighty people to see live demonstrations of their new safety systems and q&a sessions with the sales and technical team.

The VT Safety day was held at the Rendezvous hotel in Skipton, where council fleet managers from across the country came to see the latest innovations in vehicle technology. Attendees also had the opportunity to have a ‘hands on’ test with the new technology at a closed area at CCM Auctions, where a waste vehicle with the systems installed was available for trial runs.


The day was in conjunction with Craven district council and workshop manager Steve Parkinson, who had given Vision Techniques full access to one of their municipal vehicles to install the kit and also took part in the testing of the new safety systems. The safety day was held at Skipton to demonstrate the vehicle and praise their future thinking on vehicle safety.


“As a company we’re only able to move forward with the relationships and communication we have with councils like Craven and Steve, so its thanks to them that we’re here today showing off this new technology.” Technical Manager Nigel Armstrong explained, who was on site explaining how the two systems worked and integrated with the vehicle.


The two systems are called VT BrakeSafe and VT StopSafe. VT BrakeSafe is a automatic failsafe braking system that prevents vehicle runaways by applying the handbrake if a driver forgets to when leaving the vehicle, effectively preventing the chance of vehicle rollaway once and for all.


VT StopSafe is an emergency stopping system that gives any crew member the opportunity to stop the vehicle if a driver is incapacitated, bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop. Both systems were demonstrated to the watching crowd with a live video feed from inside the vehicle cab, although most attendees had the chance to get into the vehicle themselves.


Attendees were very impressed with the systems. Kirk Ennis, Distribution Improvement Manager for Saint Gobain commented “We’re looking to have BrakeSafe across our wider fleet; this is a real issue that is now being addressed.”

Chris Murphy, Deputy Chairman of CIWM officially opened the event to the attendees and was joined by Michael Barstow, representative from Brake Charity.


Attendees were impressed with the innovations in safety and were all interested in seeing more of the products, with many requesting site visits from the Vision Techniques team. The day proved to be so popular, the company is in the process of organising more events across the UK, ranging from London to Scotland.


“The day has been an overwhelming success for us, giving people the opportunity to see these safety systems working on a vehicle is fantastic, but getting their feedback and ideas moving forward is priceless.” Marketing Manager Dominic Benabda explained.


If you’d like to attend a VT Safety Day or are interested in safety systems from Vision Techniques, call us on 01254 679717 or email us at