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Safety and security on public transport


Posted on 11th Mar, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

If you operate or provide public transport, you’ll know about the risks that face not only your staff, but passengers too.

With anti-social behaviour still common on public transport, it’s important to take measures to deter such behaviour and draw up policies and procedures should an incident occur.

Potential incidents that may take place on public transport or to a public vehicle include passenger violence, criminals attacking the driver, unfounded insurance claims for personal injury and damages, as well as damage to the actual vehicle or its interior.

While its important to provide adequate staff training on how to take practical steps to prevent crime and disorder, it’s also key that you kit out all your vehicles with safety solutions, such as one of the products we can provide at Vision Techniques.

This could deter an incident from happening in the first place or provide evidence if one does occurs.

Installing CCTV is one of the best solutions, and something we recommend at Vision Techniques. It not only deters anti-social behaviour, it also makes passengers feel safer – and therefore happier to travel with you.

Vehicle safety solutions from Vision Techniques

Our wide range of CCTV and digital recording systems help to establish exactly what happened and when – protecting against criminals, insurance fraudsters and scams.

Our VT cameras can cover every angle of any size vehicle. We’ll be able to advise you on the best one to suit your needs. They include useful features such as LED night vision, ultra-wide lenses, aluminium enforced cases and 360 degree fluid angling.


For reliable, recorded footage, which offers additional features such as GPS integration, geo-tagging and live streaming, we’d recommend our CCTV DVR recording systems.

The basic four camera system gives operators 360 degree visibility and there’s also the option to upgrade to a six or eight camera system. This particular range of products has been designed with protection against theft and vandalism in mind.


VT Live is another one of our popular products. It streams CCTV footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location, using wireless remote connectivity.

Footage can be watched as it happens and reviewed later. It’s a particularly useful product for situations including staff abuse, vehicle theft and vandalism.


While this next product doesn’t provide video footage, it does protect public transport operators and passengers by preventing unauthorised use of your vehicle.

VT Ident DriveStop prevents unauthorised access to the brake and ignition of your vehicle, should criminals try and take control of it.


To find out more about any of the products we’ve mentioned today, give us a call on 08455 278 267.

And remember, if you choose a CCTV solution from us here at Vision Techniques, we’ll set everything up in your vehicle for you. We’ll ensure that the camera is sited in sufficient light and that it will produce clear images.

Have you even witnessed a safety issue on public transport? If so, share your story with us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique