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Introducing the ‘unique’ video analytics system – VT MotionEye

At Vision Techniques, we’re always looking to bring the best new products to keep you safe on the road. So we’re very excited to announce that we’ve now added a new cutting-edge reversing system to our product range, a product set to change the face of vehicle safety, The VT MotionEye.

If you attended the Hillhead 2014 expo, you’ll have probably seen the VT MotionEye in action. For those of you who didn’t, or those who want to find out a bit more about our hottest new safety system, here’s our product overview, designed to give you all the details you need.

VT MotionEye: A revolutionary new system

The VT MotionEye is completely unique to Vision Techniques. It’s a huge step forward in reversing camera system design and offers obstacle detection as an integrated feature of the camera unit. Its intelligent detection system, detects moving hazards in all rear blind spots, clearly highlighting them to the driver and alerting drivers with an audible alarm. The revolutionary technology behind the product means the MotionEye system can spot dangers before a driver does, reducing the risk of reversing accidents.

It’s been developed specifically for the quarrying industry, who often tackle issues with visibility when reversing whilst having to meet the strict Health and Safety legislation that governs them. VT MotionEye has been designed to solve this problem, providing an improved level of safety for any driver working in such an environment.

Impressively, the MotionEye system is compatable with any camera and monitor system, making the system ‘universally upgradable’ with any existing reversing camera.

How does VT MotionEye work?

The system uses video analytics – processing light, movement and position of any object. The video processing system looks for specific movement in the detection zone and alerts the driver of any danger accordingly.

Dangers are alerted to the driver via the three colour co-ordinated danger zones. When an object is detected approaching the red danger zone, the driver is audibly warned of their presence and the MotionEye system highlights their presence on the camera interface.

The 180-degree wide-angle camera also allows the system to detect any obstacle within range, giving complete coverage of reversing blind spots. The box-in-box technology ensures that anyone who’s on the edge of the camera frame is also clearly highlighted, giving drivers complete piece of mind.

How do I use VT MotionEye?

VT MotionEye has been designed for simplicity. Its analytics hardware can upgrade any existing reversing camera system – whatever brand or type – meaning customers won’t have to invest in a brand new camera system too.
A range of solutions for drivers in the quarrying industry

VT MotionEye isn’t the only solution we have available for drivers in the quarrying industry. Our product range provides a variety of systems enabling you to overcome many of the challenges you face every day. For more information on the VT MotionEye or any more of our ground breaking road safety products, give the team a call on 01254 679717 or email us on

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