Vision Techniques

Reversing sensors will reduce your accidents significantly

There is a wonderful range of reversing sensors available at Vision Techniques.

Reversing sensors can reduce your percentage of accidents by 75%.

They usually come with four sensors, which utilise cutting edge ultrasonic detection technology.

They use brilliant ultrasonic technology to measure distance in real time and send an audible alert that increases in urgency as you come closer to the object.

When used with an LCD distance display, you are sure manoeuvre perfectly every time. Reversing sensors eliminate the risks of damaging your vehicle from unseen hazards.

Should a potential hazard come into the defined rear protection zone, reversing sensors will detect its presence and alert the operator audibly.

Many advanced reversing sensors are programmable, and incorporates clever technology in the form of directional sensing and speed thresholding.

Advanced reversing sensors can even detect the direction of travel and will only alarm if there is an object approaching the rear of the vehicle rather than moving away.

They also can monitors the speed of an approaching object and not alarm if the closing speed is insufficient in the outer detection zones to present immediate danger – thus minimising unnecessary alarming.

Any detection within the final zone would activate the alarm immediately.