Vision Techniques

Reversing sensors will prevent accidents on-site

Designed to help drivers reverse, using ultrasonic technology, reversing sensors are becoming increasingly popular as an accident prevention tool.

By utilising reversing sensors you can minimise collisions on-site – into people or vehicles.

The sensors can be fitted onto a car bumper, so than when an object gets close it triggers the alarm.

The reversing sensors emit bleeping noises to alert drivers if they get too close to an obstacle. Most are fitted to the rear of vehicles, but some also have them fitted on the front – so that drivers avoid crashing when moving forwards.

Regular collisions occur even in companies and public organisations where employees must pass more stringent driving test than ordinary drivers.

Proximity sensors, ultimately, save money by stopping potential insurance claims.

Reversing sensors in conjunction with reversing camera systems

Vehicles with long bodies often have poor rear visibility, and struggle to get into tight parking spaces or allow the driver to spot pedestrians.

Reversing camera systems will save you from expensive damage.

Many high-end vehicles have reversing camera systems pre-fitted.

The idea is to show the driver an image from the rear of the car showing obstructions that might not be visible in the mirrors, and it is easier to tell the distance.

Reversing camera kits are now available for vehicles where they do not come fitted as standard.

This guide will help you to understand some of the options available, and how they can be fitted to your car, van or truck.

Reversing cameras and are designed to discreet, embedded in the bodywork, or attached at some suitable mounting point.

Although the type selected depends on which type and size of reversing camera system to choose depends on your vehicle and personal preferences, but ideally they should be as unobtrusive as possible, and provide a clear view behind you.

There are even some kits that include both a reversing camera and parking sensors to make parking even easier.

For more information on reversing sensors or reversing camera systems, visit the product pages.