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Reversing Cameras In The Quarrying And Mining Industry

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Posted on 14th Jul, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Quarrying and mining is just one of a variety of sectors we serve here at Vision Techniques. As one of the UK’s most hazardous industries in which to work, safety is a particular priority for employers in this field. Many accidents that occur in these sorts of workplaces involve vehicles and vehicle collisions – this is a lot to do with the fact that there are numerous and often unpredictable factors that might impact a driver’s visibility. At Vision Techniques, we stock a range of products specifically designed to tackle this problem of driver visibility, improving safety for everyone on-site.

The Hazards Of The Quarrying And Mining Industry

Braking technology for industrial vehicles mining

Due to the demanding roles carried out by industry vehicles – such as excavation, towing and dumping – they must by necessity be large, bulky and heavy to be of any significant use in quarries or mines. This brings with it a range of associated vision problems, such as a corresponding increase in the scale and number of blindspots.

What’s more, these vehicles are frequently navigating through unstable, at times ever-shifting environments. Common features include loose rocks and masonry, temporary piles of equipment or resources (such as piping, for example), as well as smaller moving vehicles and machinery. This makes an already difficult task all the more challenging for lorry and truck drivers, and almost impossible to perform safely without devices such as reversing cameras. Without proper communication and unwavering vigilance from both drivers and pedestrians, accidents are a very real possibility.

While bad weather can be another challenge even for road drivers, it poses a particular hazard to drivers in the mining industry. reducing the effectiveness of brakes and limiting visibility. Dust and dirt is another danger that is exacerbated in a quarry environment, as even milder weather elements like wind can kick up clouds of dust and debris that limit visibility even further.

How Vision Techniques Products Are Ideally Suited For Tackling These Issues

As we touched upon above, the very first measure that industry professionals should take is to invest in a solid, dependable reversing camera. Our VT56 reversing camera is an excellent example, combining quality with an inherent durability that makes it of particular use on mining sites. Specifically designed to be tough and weather-resistant, the VT56-AE uses an automatic light sensor, and adjusts its own picture quality using 18 infra-red LED lights. It’s these infrared lights that allow the camera to function equally well at dusk and nighttime as it does during the day, which is a valuable characteristic once the shorter winter days roll in. It’s for these reasons and more that it remains one of our most enduringly popular reversing cameras.

Meanwhile, a good number of our products use radar technology and advanced sensors to detect any potential obstacles approaching from the vehicle’s blind sides, whether human or otherwise. Our VT Banksman auto-braking radar uses a constantly-running series of radar waves in order to monitor the rear of the vehicle for any possibility of collision. Once it senses an object approaching the danger zone, it automatically applies the brakes. While the driver can override it if necessary (say, if close-contact is unavoidable when manoeuvring out of a spot), it still provides an excellent guard against potential accidents.

TurnSensor acts in much the same way, using ultrasonic proximity sensors to monitor for hazards in your blind spots to the left and right of the vehicle.

While any one of these products alone can alleviate some of the dangers faced by quarry and mine employees, at Vision Techniques we would recommend using several in tandem to create an unbroken 360 degree range of vision around your vehicles, for maximum safety.

You can browse our full product range of vehicle safety products here, or give our sales team a call on 08452 873 438 to find out how we can help minimise the potential for danger with your heavy vehicles.

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