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Reversing aids can be used for any vehicle

Posted on 5th Mar, 2012 by Jonathan Peach

All drivers can benefit from reversing aids, and even everyday cars can have them.

A proximity sensor on a standard car can lower the risk of collision when backing up or parallel parking.

Parking sensors work automatically, detecting the obstacles at the rear of the car at any time.

A variety of high-tech reversing aids

For a quarter of a century Vision Techniques has been at the forefront of vehicle safety, offering a comprehensive range of reversing aids.

Vision Techniques’ safety solutions reduce the risk of collisions and maximise efficiency – and are suitable for all commercial vehicles and industry types.

Multiple reversing aids are far more likely to benefit you

Reversing sensors are not always enough. All round vision is often required as well as warnings.

Ordinarily, the only way to see behind you is via your rear view and side mirrors.

A reversing camera system effectively removes blindspots from your field of vision by providing images of the unseen areas via a screen on your dashboard.

Most reversing camera systems include cameras that can easily be attached to the rear of your vehicle and to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Worried that harsh weather will obstruct your vision while reversing? These days it is possible to buy a reversing camera with the technology to clean itself at the push of a button, using wipers or shutters. Reversing camera systems are usually waterproof.

Most also have infrared capabilities, so you can use them both in the day and at night.

For more information on reversing aids generally, visit the product pages.