Vision Techniques

Reversing accidents can have devastating consequences

Recent legalisation has emphasised the importance of safety on the road. Right at the top of that list is non-traffic situations where pedestrian accidents are an issue.

The US has even rolled out a law to stop child accidents on the roads and the UK may soon follow suit.

Statistics show that young pedestrians are most at risk from reversing vehicles, especially children. As a result of their height, the driver does often not see them and they can be injured or killed easily.

Every car has a blind spot, an area where the driver cannot see what is behind them.

Fortunately, the reversing camera has come to our aid. Some modern vehicles are pre-fitted with these excellent devices, but there are some that still need help.

Reversing cameras work very differently from normal ones. They work by flipping the image round so you see a mirror image on the monitor. His right, would be the camera’s right, and he would get confused.

This technology is particularly important for large and commercial vehicles.

There are cameras available with a wide angle or fish eye lens, which have both drawbacks and advantages.

Reversing cameras make it easier to see obstacles as well as aiding manoeuvring in general. Do not underestimate their importance.