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Reduce on-site accidents with reversing camera systems

It is becoming increasingly common for large vehicles to be fitted with reversing camera systems instead of relying on wing and rear view mirrors.

However, there are many heavy-duty vehicles that are yet to be fitted with them.

For those who are uncertain of the importance of reversing camera systems, here are some of the benefits:

It will decrease potential vehicle damage. With a reversing camera fitted to the back of a vehicle, drivers can easily negotiate their way around objects such as exits, walls and boxes.

So although reversing camera systems require an initial payment, in fact, it could save you thousands of pounds in repair costs.

Another clear benefit is an increase in safety. Companies that value safety above everything else should fit reversing cameras to their vehicles as standard.

Combined with other vehicle safety equipment, such as reversing sensors and mobile CCTV, both drivers and pedestrians will be fully aware of potential impact.

In addition, recording using reversing camera and mobile CCTV systems can bring substantial legal benefits.

There are some very dangerous drivers around and if you are hit by another vehicle. The reversing camera system and its mobile DVR (digital video recorder) will capture every minute.

This leaves you with sufficient evidence for insurance companies or court.

To reiterate, the benefits of reversing camera systems extend to fewer accidents, lower insurance costs and more vehicles being in operation at throughout company.

When used with ultrasonic sensors, reversing cameras, parking will become easy, convenient and precise.

Reversing cameras have high quality video output, day or night, and are waterproof against rain and splashes. Some systems also have infrared light for improved night vision.

If there is just one reversing camera in the system, it should be placed on the rear bumper.

When in reverse, the display on the LCD monitor will automatically change to reversing camera mode. The monitor is positioned at the front in order to provide a clear image of what is behind you. Systems that use more than one reversing camera use a split screen so you can see all views at the same time.

Wireless reversing cameras systems are a separate option for quick installation.

As well as larger vehicles, reversing camera systems are useful for smaller vehicles. They are crucial element in any industry – for example, it is now quintessential to van safety and forklift safety.

The benefits clearly show that investing in a reversing camera system is likely to be of huge benefit to your company in the long term.

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