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Record low for road accidents but cyclist deaths up 10%

Deaths from road accidents hit a record low last year, but cyclist deaths have increased yet again.

New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show an 8% fall on 2011 in deaths from reported accidents – 1,754 deaths – the lowest figure since records began in 1926.

Although car, pedestrian and motorcyclist deaths have fallen, cyclist accidents have risen considerably.
118 cyclists died, a 10% rise, with injuries rising 4% to 3,222.

The news comes after a female cyclist was killed recently in a lorry accident – the first death involving one of London’s hired “Boris Bikes”, launched by London Mayor Boris Johnson in 2010.

Though the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) was happy with the fall in deaths, they were concerned with cyclist deaths.

Kevin Clinton, Head of Road Safety at RoSPA, said: “The good news of a large drop in road deaths in 2012 is marred by an increase in cyclist deaths, which occurred despite the poor weather in the main cycling seasons of spring and summer, which probably meant fewer cyclists were on the road.”

Similarly, road safety charity Brake welcomed the news, but was concerned about cyclist deaths.

Julie Townsend, Deputy Chief Executive of Brake, said: “While progress towards fewer deaths and injuries is hugely welcome, it is important to acknowledge every person behind these statistics.

“So we must aim for zero; because no death or serious injury is acceptable.”

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