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Reckless school boy hitches ride on lorry tail bar

A reckless schoolboy hitched a ride on the tail bar of a 40-ton lorry without the driver noticing.

The 12-year-old almost got away with the lorry surfing manoeuvre, with the TNT delivery lorry driver completely unaware that a child was hanging off the back of his vehicle and at risk of serious harm.

The road, which has small shops and terrace houses, is one of Blackburn’s busiest approaches, leading towards the M65 and towns including Accrington and Burnley.

The lorry driver negotiated a major road junction before travelling up hill along a busy road for around half a mile as the boy sat on the tailgate, seemingly admiring the view.

The incident was captured on camera by a passenger in a car travelling behind and the 52-second clip was posted on Facebook.

The video of Sonny Wilson clinging onto the lorry going 30mph made its way onto his mum’s Facebook news.

Sonny’s dad then saw it, the couple called the police and they turned in their son, saying they hoped the cops could ‘instil the fear of God in him’.

Sonny, who gave a thumbs up after leaping off the back of the truck, has been condemned by road safety officials for the prank.

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: “This is a dangerous and foolish act which could easily result in serious injury or death. We urge teenagers not to give in to peer pressure or to encourage others to copy this behaviour.”

A TNT Express spokesman said: “TNT Express is aware of video footage on social media channels which shows a young schoolboy riding on the rear bumper of one of its vehicles.

“TNT does not condone such dangerous and illegal behaviour which could lead to serious injury or worse.”

Fleet operators should take every measure to make sure they are aware of everything inside and around their vehicles.

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