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Putting the brakes on crash-for-cash scams

A new report from the Insurers Fraud Bureau (IFB) claims that so-called crash-for-cash scams are costing insurers £392m a year in inflated insurance premiums.

This is a disaster for owners of large fleets of vehicles, costing their businesses vast amounts each year in erroneous claims.

The most well known example of the scam is the set up of a so-called induced accident that leads to the innocent motorist hitting the fraudster’s vehicle.

There are a number of ways for the fraudster to achieve this, such as disabling the brake lights on their vehicle then braking suddenly, or starting to pull off from a junction into a clear road then applying the brakes for no reason.

At Vision Techniques, we feel this is an injustice and want to help. So, we have a new cost effective solution that will stop fraudsters from claiming against you for good.

CrashCam – Cash For Crash Accident Recorder

The ingenious little hi-tech device is a little black box.

What is it – it’s a cheap way to have an indisputable eyewitness account of accidents.

No more fraudulent claims, no more worries – you’ll have a video record of your journey.

On its own, its a forward facing camera, but you can also fit a second camera externally to monitor side incidents or inside to monitor your cargo or passengers.

The cost effective mobile DVR also means you can assess a record of whether your vehicle is being driven safely and economically – plus there’s a GPS tracking and mapping system, to track positioning.

Take a look at our cost-effective CrashCam.