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REVIEW: VT Turnsafe cyclist detection system

With a cyclist detection system now being widely recognised as an effective way to improve road safety – particularly in congested inner-city areas – we’re taking a closer look at the VT Turnsafe range of cyclist detection systems, designed to reduce collisions between cyclists and commercial, public and municipal vehicles.

Cyclist detection systems: making Britain’s cities safer

Cyclist detection systems like the innovative VT TurnSafe are already being trialled on Britain’s roads, with similar systems being implemented on buses in Bristol and HGVs in West London. The results so far are overwhelmingly positive: the system used in Bristol reporting a 98.5% cyclist detection rate, while the system implemented in Ealing resulted in a 60% improvement in driver behaviour – both very positive results, both for fleet operators and cyclists.

Vision Techniques’ advanced cyclist detection system – VT TurnSafe – is ideal for organisations looking to replicate these great results in their own areas. Comprising three complementary systems, this integrated vehicle safety solution gives drivers a better chance of spotting cyclists and warns cyclists and other road users to be aware of the presence of large vehicles before attempting any potentially risky manoeuvres.

With the Government – particularly Transport for London (TfL) – currently funding schemes to segregate cycling lanes from main routes, and implement cyclist training, local authorities and fleet operators should note that TfL also advocates investment into cyclist detection system technology for large vehicles, saying,

“We’re encouraging heavy goods vehicle operators to fit special cycle safety technology on their vehicles. This includes sensors and cameras that tell a driver when a cyclist or pedestrian is near.”

3-in-one safety: TurnAlarm, TurnSensor & TurnCamera

Our newly improved VT TurnSafe range consists of three advanced vehicle safety technologies, including TurnAlarm, TurnSensor and TurnCamera, offering fleet owners and operators a cost-effective, integrated solution to cyclist detection.

Developed by industry experts, our vehicle safety systems have been created with the aim of removing blind spots, helping drivers to detect cyclists and making cyclists and importantly, making cyclists and other road users more aware of the presence of – and dangers associated with – large vehicles.

TurnAlarm: Audible Visual Awareness

VT TurnAlarm uses high intensity LED lights and a high pitched speaker alarm system to alert cyclists and pedestrians to your vehicle as you prepare to make difficult manoeuvres, such as slow-speed turns.

The system helps to discourage cyclists from moving into the vehicle’s turning zone and being tempted to execute risky manoeuvres due to your vehicle’s slow speed.

TurnSensor: Side Detection System

VT TurnSensor employs state-of-the-art ultrasonic proximity sensors to detect hazards located to the side of your vehicle, including in your blind spot, offering drivers a reliable second pair of eyes that can help to reduce the risk of accidents. Detection zones can be tailored according to your fleet’s needs.

TurnCamera: Blind Spot Visibility

VT TurnCamera uses external mini cams to display a clear shot of your vehicle blind spot whenever you begin a manoeuvre that captures your blind spot, but only when turning left or right – so it won’t distract you when driving.

This cost-effective, cutting-edge system can also be combined with a recording system, saving footage to a VT drive as liability evidence.

VT TurnSafe: find out more

VT TurnSafe is an integrated cyclist detection system that could transform Britain’s roads, making them safer for cyclists and other road users.

This advanced vehicle safety solution is suited for use on:

To find out more about how VT TurnSafe can protect cyclists and other road users around HGVs, public and municipal vehicles, contact us today.

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