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Product review: TurnAware 

product review turnaware

Posted on 1st May, 2015 by Dominic Benabda

In April we were able to reveal our latest Vision Techniques innovation – VT TurnAware.

While on display at The Commercial Vehicle Show at Birmingham’s NEC, the new safety product caused a real stir.

Fitted to our stand and operating live, passers by were able to see exactly what our newest creation had the power to do as live data from VT TurnAware was displayed on large screens.

VT TurnAware is now available to buy and is yet another fantastic product which we’ve been able to add to our TurnSafe range.

Developed with cyclist safety in mind, the brand new detection system helps drivers to detect vulnerable road users with a video analytics system that flags up any potential dangers.

Designed to detect vulnerable road users

The camera and monitoring system offer a solution for all those accidents that occur when making left or right turns – the biggest contributor to road cycle accidents.

By revealing just what is going on in the driver’s blind spot with its light and motion sensors, drivers are able to identify whether cyclists are moving towards their vehicle and will be warned about their approach. 

The GPS controlled ‘speed logic’ system is error free and prevents false alarms.

Its high-tech hardware determines the direction of the approach before warning the driver of a cyclist’s presence. Warnings are both audible and visual as well as visualising any hazard through the monitor – helping drivers to judge any situation for themselves.

The TurnAware system will also integrate with any DVR system for additional benefits.

Unrivalled features

While more traditional technology built for cyclist detection, such as side mounted ultrasonic sensors, can be useful, they also detect road furniture by mistake – producing false alarms.

With TurnAware you can be assured of a high tech product that only raises an alarm when necessary. It’s both efficient and accurate.VT Turnaware

TurnAware has also been developed to work when your vehicle is stopped and when it is moving.

While stopped, the system is designed to prevent accidents with cyclists in a driver’s blind spot. When moving, the system changes to become a lane deviation device – warning the driver if they cross any road markings without indicating.

It’s this intelligent design that sets TurnAware apart from any other safety product out there.

To find out more about TurnAware, or any other products in our cyclist safety range, contact us today on 08451 635 948.

Our experts will happily talk you through the new product and explain the benefits of all the other complementary products in our TurnSafe range.

Like all our products, TurnAware can only be ordered directly from Vision Techniques.

Once ordered, you’ll receive the complete service – right through to the installation of the new product in your vehicle.

Once fitted, you’ll also have access to our worldwide support network and technical helpline.

Have you seen TurnAware in action yet? If so, why not leave us a review? Leave your comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique