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Preventing reversing accidents using alarms

Health and safety is the main priority of many companies using heavy vehicles.

For this reason, companies must turn to innovative reversing technology systems from vehicle specialists in order to meet the demands.

Designed for vehicles in any industry, reversing alarms warn drivers about potential reversing dangers – and many even include an auto brakin systems if the warning signals are ignored.

With modern reversing alarms, users can set a radius in which the alarm goes off in – eradicating false alarms.

All vehicles such as  dump trucks should be fitted with reversing alarms as a minimum requirement.

The results are tangible – the technology and safety systems provided by reversing alarms have helped companies across the country to reduce and avoid reversing accidents.

Reversing alarms can reduce collisions or, when combined with an auto braking system. Its innovative sensors also minimises false alarms, which means we can still work efficiently.

Endless potentially dangerous scenarios can be prevented using reversing alarms. They are a flexible solution to many vehicle safety and security fleet management issues.”

The ingenious system detects the speed and direction of the vehicle and detects oncoming objects – only alarming when the vehicle gets too close to the object.

The latest ‘FMCW’ technology makes the incredible vehicle radar system stand apart from its rivals. It enables users to actually set the radius in which the alarm goes off in – minimising false alarms.

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