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Prevent incidents like this from happening with BrakeSafe

Posted on 29th Jun, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Forgetting the simplest of things can cause the biggest of problems. If a driver forgets to apply the handbrake when leaving the vehicle, events like this can be the result. This incident could have been prevented with BrakeSafe

Road safety has become a vital aspect of the road transport industry. The amount of pressure put on HGV drivers has never been higher, with drivers having to monitor a range of cab safety and security systems to make sure that themselves and other road users remain safe.

Unfortunately, with all these various systems to monitor, it can be easy to forget the basic essentials such as applying the parking brake – a problem that becomes more serious if a trailer is coupled.

This was an issue made aware to Vision Techniques by their customers and clients. The Blackburn based vehicle safety company began working on a solution to the problem that is runaway vehicles.

In 2016, BrakeSafe was released to the market. This system will prevent rollaways and runaways by automatically applying the brake if the vehicle operator forgets to and then attempts to leave the vehicle. A voice warning will also give instructions to apply the brake and reset the system.

One of the best features of BrakeSafe is that it is autonomous-the driver doesn’t have to press, look or interact with the safety system at all when driving. However, if they were to forget to apply the brake and then leave the vehicle, the system would automatically take control – even with the ignition off – eliminating any risk of vehicle rollaway and preventing unthinkable fatal accidents.

BrakeSafe got off to a flying start in 2016 as it won four industry recognised awards, such as the Motor Transport Award for Innovation. Many big players in the industry have shown interest in the system such as British Gypsum.

For more information about the BrakeSafe system please contact Vision Techniques on 01254 679717 or via email at